Sunday, 11 April 2010

G.I.S.M. (General Imperialism Social Murder) - Human Condition

“Without a single doubt the best G.I.S.M. bootleg ever made.” can be read on G.I.S.M.´s unofficial website...well I´d personally simplify this to “Without a single doubt the BEST bootleg ever made”. I can only compare this to “a tribute to the black emperors” (Mayhem) vinyl bootleg.
Listening to a song like “Fire”(Believe it or not this is some early 80´s compilation "song") can only be comparable to the 1st time I listened to that version of “Carnage” contained in the later.Instantly reminds me of why I got into Metal/Punk in the 1st place,the uncompromising naked aggression, a lingering sense that “the boundary between “music” and actual threat can at times get rather blurry" blah,blah,blah ...(to be continued or edited or whatever when I happen to be less boring or more drugged up ... or both)
Punks IS Hippies

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